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Will Valheim come on the Nintendo Switch?

Will Valheim come on the Nintendo Switch?

Walheim, Sports Iron Sports Studio It is declining PC, It may even come Nintendo Switch. It lets you know Panic button, That Spoke Some interest in changing the game. Don Hernberg of Panic button He revealed that he was playing it himself and that he saw the game correctly on the handheld console Nintendo.

However, it would not be strange to see a satisfactory port given the previous functions on more powerful topics Wolfenstein, Doom, Or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunting. However, everything will be in understanding Nintendo Would be interested to use a similar opportunity. What about console versions instead? Unfortunately, this is not discussed.

In short, if you have the opportunity to see the playground Click, You will be just as excited about it Hernberg?

Walheim – Great hit

We have reviewed Walheim who. By emphasizing the big things to do, the game became much deeper and more solid. We need to hunt, feed, take care of ourselves, but also build and fight against increasingly dangerous enemies. Found to be based on the war method Dodge, save e Stroke. The game, moreover, does not hide its homage to celebrities The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath.

In a month, Walheim Has sold more than 5 million copies Its Steam, One of the most popular in recent times. It would have been in the background of that rumor Walheim May come in other consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

We remind you of that Walheim Available from February 2, 2021 Its PC, This time it is still there Initial access, And is subject to many changes by developers Iron Sports Studio. Are you already playing with it?

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Wolheim Inspired Game, Restore Wild Breath!