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Big news for backwards compatible games next week?

Big news for backwards compatible games next week?

In a post deleted by the now well-known YouTube channel, as reported on the Reddit pages ElAnalistaDeBits, Reference madeXbox Series X | The arrival of juicy news to S owners.

February 17, Xbox fans will find the most interesting content on the channel. I can’t say much until that day. Thanks to Xbox for giving me initial access so I can prepare my coverage! “, It’s Twitter, which is the most popular YouTuber for his comparison videos written and then deleted.

“I can’t speak until 18:00 until February 17th, but there will definitely be leaks as many more days are missing. But, anyway, I think this is the best news of the Xbox Series X.He announced in the pages of a Spanish forum.

Given that the channel is specifically dedicated to analytics and graphical comparisons, users can trust the news to come. They will touch the technology sector. Someone in the Reset Era mentioned this word “Double”, Which means that it can all rotate the frame-rate. In the past, Microsoft has already delivered results Technology developed by its teams capable of doubling the fps of backward compatible games No need to wait for the appropriate patches from the software home, but only in a few cases was it able to appreciate the action (For example with Pallwood 4). So, who knows if a new wave of games from past generations will benefit from higher frame rates, but until official communications come in, we recommend taking the salt with you.