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Microsoft Patch February 2021 - CIP

Microsoft Patch February 2021 – CIP

Every month until 2021 there will be a colorful collection of security updates for Windows 10. During Patchday, which takes place on the second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft fixes security breaks and bugs in various supported versions of Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. There have been no updates for Windows 7 since the beginning of last year, at least not for private users. If you are still using Windows 7, we recommend you soon Switch to Windows 10.

Monthly patches should not be confused with functional updates, which do not have any new features, however they are very important because Microsoft uses them to fix largely known and newly discovered security holes. You can find all the latest updates for your Windows 10 version in CIP. These updates include all previously released security fixes, including February connection day.

Warning: Unfortunately, patch updates are always a trigger for annoying errors – from failed installations to the blue screen of death to boot loops the system can no longer exit. CIP explains below what contributes to these issues. In preparation, a backup is definitely recommended so that you can return to a working mode if major errors occur.

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