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Barriers to obtaining a Green Pass: Sesame, How to access other websites and retrieve credentials

Barriers to obtaining a Green Pass: Sesame, How to access other websites and retrieve credentials

UDINE. The Kovit Pass has great anticipation, which we all imagine as a tool that can finally provide the opportunity to travel, enter freely at concerts or sporting events, and access a wide variety of facilities where high entry is expected. .

Brussels announces that the computer system that will allow the introduction of the European Covit Pass will be ready by June 1, but President Drake warns that some open issues will have to wait at least another fifteen days, meaning that this “passport” will last.

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Then there is another issue that worries citizens. How to find the required certificates to get this Govt Pass? At the moment in Italy there are three separate documents that allow you to keep a “passport”: a certificate certifying that the first dose of the vaccine has been given, the negative result of a cloth and the certificate of recovery SARS virus. Cove-2. Not everyone knows how to find certificates, and downloading them from various websites can be complicated. Friuli Venice Giulia Let’s see how to distinguish ourselves between the “sesame” site and the “I” and Immuni. The problem is, they all require sophisticated access keys.

Sesame Portal
Citizens of Fvg have a tool that is not available in all Italian territories, i.e. “Sesame“, An electronic portal ( ) There are “health records” of all residents.

The documentation is endless and all downloadable: from test and analysis reports to vaccination certificates, fabric results, interventions in various types of hospitals and public health facilities, and booking services. A total of 31.8 million outpatient service reports are available on this inceal portal; 122.4 million digital documents; 61.1 million dematerialized recipes; 29.5 million laboratory reports.

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Passwords and credentials

But how to enter the “sesame” stage? Safety requirements are absolute because these are important data related to health. Therefore, it is understandable that there is an effective barrier system that guarantees to prevent intruders, but at the same time does not allow inexperienced people to go on their own.

You can consult your health record in two ways: via your health card (however, it must be inserted into the computer-connected reader) or with your SPIT credentials (Level 2). In recent months, although many citizens have implemented SPIT credentials, the process has not been easy and requires familiarity with ID tools to enter credentials.

Application Io and Qr code
Despite the difficulties, personal testimonials of vaccines, wipe results and covid recovery can also be found on the “sesame” portal (or, at the time of vaccination, directly in the “centers”). The government, considering the “Govt Pass”, is creating a central platform that can collect all the data. The “passport” may be paper or digital. In the latter case, we plan to make the pass available in the “Io” and Immuni applications.

The first has already been downloaded by 11 million Italians: because the citizen has identified himself with SPIT or electronic identity card, he will find the certificate in use after vaccination, cloth or visit. It may store the QR code on the device after receiving the notification. But even these practices require some training.

How to issue a pass
The other way the government thought of issuing the Govt Pass seems even more complicated. In fact, the highly criticized “immune” application (which had 10 and one and a half million downloads) was considered “resurrection”. By entering one of the codes sent or issued at the time of vaccination, the data can be seen to be inferred, as is the certificate for activation or recovery of the tampon. But which codes? One thinks of the OTP “or” Cun “password. Immuni and the site now generate a QR code that can be stored or printed on a smartphone. The QR code can then be read by the police with the appropriate tool.

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