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Battlefield 6: Full revealing trailer leaked

Battlefield 6: Full revealing trailer leaked

of Sarah Betsolt
A few weeks before the official announcement of Battlefield 6, the version of the leaked trailer went online. The trailer already shows the leaked footage and some new footage.

Leaks for Battlefield 6 will not stop: After many images and GIFs from the announcement trailer have appeared on the Internet, the version of the full exposure trailer is now making rounds. The trailer already contains known screenshots and GIFs, but there are other scenes that represent the specific content of the shooter.

Next-General-Bombast Mid Frostbite

According to EA and DICE, Battlefield 6 should provide a “real next-gen experience” – and the trailer provides clues as to how this experience should be conclusive. You can see aerial shots, fight scenes and numerous explosions, which refers to a regular action-packed fight scene.

A warning in advance: the trailer will flash. Anyone with epilepsy or anyone who is sensitive to videos like this should not watch the video.

The actual announcement, including the release of the final release trailer, is expected to take place in June 2021. The following details about Battlefield 6 have not yet been confirmed or may be due to leaks:

  • There will be maps with dynamic weather effects and day-night changes for the shooter.
  • The Battlefield 6 relies on the latest version of the Frostbite engine, which should help the title reach new graphical heights.
  • The leveling feature is also reused, but should have a greater impact on the game than previous battlefield areas.
  • There will be cosmetic content that EA plans to use for monetization purposes.
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Battlefield 6 is expected to appear for PC and older and newer generation consoles. No release date yet.

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