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The iPod Pro 2021 includes a microscope

The iPod Pro 2021 includes a microscope

If Apple had fully reviewed the boldness of the iPod Pro, on the other hand the camera unit on the back would not have changed: it Exactly the same Than the previous iPod Pro. Of course, there is a new ultra-wide-angle photo sensor on the front that “follows” the user during the video call (read: IPod Pro M1: The centered frame feature will not lose your sight).

But on the back, the material is not novelty. This does not preclude Apple from adding support for the Smart HDR3 instead of the Smart HDR. But above all, we get a whole new functionality not mentioned by Apple (which is definitely on the iPod Pro 2020): a microscope! Sebastian de With is the developer of the halide photo app Fell on it Coincidentally a bit.

He realized that the camera’s focus could be on objects placed very close to the sensor, which allows for truly striking macro photos. On the iPhone 12 Pro, and on any iPhone in general, the design of the photo gallery begins to lose its pedals when it is within 3 inches of the sensor.

Take a look at these details.

Apple has more options in the chassis of the iPod Pro, which is the focus of this greater flexibility (which the iPhone will lose a priori for a long time). Lidor for autofocus sometimes makes this type of shot very difficult, but Holiday’s manual mode allows you to overdo it. This is so amazing!

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