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The new rules make users anxious

The new rules make users anxious

Many users of the popular WhatsApp messaging app have expressed their concern after the introduction of new terms of use, forcing its users outside Europe to accept the transfer of additional data to the parent company Facebook.

Until February 8, users who reject this new policy will no longer be able to benefit from their WhatsApp account.

Users have expressed their dissatisfaction through several releases on Twitter, and it is dangerous to have given their approval without reading the triggered changes in detail.

With this new privacy policy, Facebook is trying to monetize its site by allowing advertisers to contact their customers via WhatsApp or by selling its products directly there.

As for information shared with other Facebook companies, it includes “information about your account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, information about services (sic), and how you interact with others, including businesses, when using our mobile device. , Information about your IP address, ”says WhatsApp in FAQ.

You should know that these new conditions differ between the EU and the rest of the world. In the case of the EU and the United Kingdom, WhatsApp states that shared data will only be used to generate functionality for WhatsApp business accounts.

Also, “WhatsApp does not share the data of its users in Europe with Facebook, so Facebook uses them to promote its products or ads”, the news organization’s spokesman assured.