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The CD Project's response to Schreier's report

The CD Project’s response to Schreier’s report

With a lengthy statement handed down to Bloomberg’s pages, Jason Schreier has given voice to more than twenty developers and former employees of CD Project Red. Complex release of Cyberpunk 2077 Last December 10.

The report drew the profile Very trustworthy company, Then collided “Unverified ambitions, technical issues and unreliable deadlines”. He also talked a lot about the staff Be aware of the release date, Determined by them very quickly, well versed in errors and technical issues, above all Extra time is induced to work Although they are not mandatory. There was talk of a certain amount of marginalization within the company’s ranks Polish developers who spoke their own language, excluding their international counterparts, As well as one Growth only started in 2016 (Against the announcement made in 2012) and The demo of 2018 has been described as mostly inaccurate.

A few hours ago Comment by Adam Podowski, The head of the Polish company, answered three different questions raised by Schreier’s statement. To begin with, Podowski returns a critique addressed to the “fake demo”, two years before its release, explaining that it is common practice to bring a show, a demo version that shows the potential of the game even if it is not taken from the final code. : This does not mean that it is a lie. […] What people reading your article may not know is that games are not created in a linear style and start to resemble a product that was completed a few months before launch. If you look at that demo, yes it is different, but that is why it says ‘active’. Our final game looks so much better than the demo one“. If it is not at the announced features and startup, Padowski explains it “This is part of the creative process” That’s it “Features come and go as you evaluate whether they work or not”, Adds more We’re talking about a game that took a lot of 9s and 10s in its PC version. Regarding the status of console versions, CD Project Red accepts all of its responsibilities and is working hard to fix the issues as already announced Video of Markin Ivinsky apology.

Second, Badowski criticized Schreier’s method, Claiming that the model he spoke to could not be considered a representative of the CD Project Red reality: “You talked to 20 people, some of whom are former employees, and only one has chosen not to be anonymous. I would not say they are ‘the majority’ of our 500+ developers as you say.”

Finally, he wanted to make it clear to the studio’s teams No marginalization is enabled To the detriment of international collaborators: “Everyone speaks English at meetings, and every company’s email and notification are mandatory – all of which are mandatory. The general rule is to speak English whenever there is someone in a conversation who can not speak a particular language. There are 44 different nations in the study – When there is no one else around. We work in a multicultural environment. Yes, it is difficult to move to another country, to another culture, to work and live there. But this is a global problem facing companies around the world, and we do everything we can to facilitate change. “

Immediately Answer from Jason Schreier, Commented on Podowski’s speech: “Adam, I appreciate your response. I know you know, He is the team [CD Projekt, ndr] He refused to answer my specific questions Or give me an interview before my article is published. But, if you want, I want you to know your opinion on topics that are not clear here, and I would be happy to talk to you at any time. “. In short, the story is not over yet.

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