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At Mason France Services in Jakoon, a new workshop was presented

At Mason France Services in Jakoon, a new workshop was presented

Today, Maison France Services offers the first introductory workshop on digital approaches. Arranged in the morning, it is free.

Today, from 9am to 12pm, Maison France Services offers users the opportunity to discover an introductory workshop on digital approaches. It will be put on hold this month, and with the help of Community facilitator Youssef Hnaka, who will be made permanent every Friday morning, he will also travel to town halls in the Grand-Ach Cor de Cascone area; A presentation of attendance and infrastructure services will also be provided.

“La Mason France Services (formerly MSAP), named in April 2021, now has 11 partners and, as a memo, I support the daily management practices of users with these partners and beyond. The purpose of the workshop, “said Sandra Perlis, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Thus, starting this month, Maison France Services de Jagan, with the help of Youssef Hnaka, is organizing this morning to welcome a small group of users (maximum 6 people) who will help them become independent in the process. Everyday, support them in the first steps of organizations such as Cuff, CPAM, and the National Institute for Safe Topics (ANTS).

A free workshop

The policy is to come with your smartphone or tablet to connect to the internet. If the user does not have them, the workshop will give the tablets. The connection will be made to the Maison France Services box. It’s free.

“The idea, the manager adds, is that if users could not access the purchase of computer equipment for cost reasons, today, everyone has a smartphone. All administrations and companies now offer online services. Most have an application to download. The smartphone and interface are simplified compared to the website. Will reduce “.

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