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WhatsApp gets suspended and better self-delete functions

WhatsApp gets suspended and better self-delete functions

Has released two beta versions with many new functions. Above all, a new option for recording voice messages should be well received among users. Additionally, the Messenger service updates its self-delete messages.

Pause for voice messages

With the new feature for voice messaging, WhatsApp fulfills the great desire of the users. Anyone recording a voice message in the future can press the pause button. Then the recording is blocked, and if you know how to speak, you can continue. Above all, this will ensure that the audio recordings sent are less in the future. Because until now you had to talk about them in one piece. That’s why every second thought (sometimes can take a while) is included. Therefore, the new pause function will ensure that the function of fast playback of voice messages is also very new. Is on WABetaInfo Video releasedShows what the new pause feature looks like:

New to self-delete messages

There is currently only one way for anyone who sends messages on WhatsApp to delete themselves after a certain period of time: seven days. But it will be over soon. Because of that Beta-version Now there are two other options: 24 hours and 90 days. If you choose long-term, messages will be deleted from chat history after three months. In the short version, they will disappear automatically after a day. The previous 7-day option was retained.


According to WABetaInfo, both new functions are in the final testing phase. So they should be offered to all users in one of the next updates of iOS and Android version of Messenger service.

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