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Select a triangle and find the hidden part of your personality

Select a triangle and find the hidden part of your personality

Choose the triangle you consider most. The triangular test reveals a hidden part of your personality

The Personality It’s a slide of ideas and values ​​derived from birthdays. Some scholars believe it Intrinsic It never changes, others think it is the result of something Continuous improvement.

According to the latter, personality corresponds to the experience of each, the continuum of wars, and the conflicts between our desires and reality. Discovery of ourselves We don’t always know, but that life helps us identify.

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Today we propose Triangular testBecause, according to many scholars, certain forms Stimulates An answer in our body.
For example, one Studio Posted by National Medical Library Revealed in the United States that smooth shapes such as the circle are associated with positive emotions, while sharp angles demonstrate a threatening area to participants.
Let’s find ours together Personality

Triangle test: I did not consider it …

This Test Based on Intuitive choice One of them Five triangles That we offer you. Focus on the picture and tell us what you like. The answer reveals yours Hidden page

Triangular test
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1) Triangle n ° 1

You are a person DeterminedBe ambitious and always lean towards your goals.
Everyone trusts you and they are right! You are very good at giving advice: they are always relevant, critical in the right place, reasonable and consistent with problem solving.

You are very kind Firm That is your best quality. Your personality motivates and motivates those around you.

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2) Triangle n ° 2

Triangular test
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If you chose this triangle, it means you are a person Very honest. In any situation you are always thinking about the truth and do not make it easy to lie so as not to reveal hurtful facts to others.

Precisely for this reason, your friends adore you and are always looking to be with you Perfect ideas, Objective and honest.

3) Triangle n ° 3

What are you moving there The reason And logic. Both of these aspects are basic to you and yours Daily results.

You too Intelligent And skilled in tactics, so that no one can deceive you. You have an edge over those around you and can use your logic skills to make more profit while taking less risk.

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4) Triangle n ° 4

If you chose this triangle, it means you are a person Emotional And stimulation. You only trust your feelings and you decide how to move away from them.
The Emotions They also give you the right motivation to add to your ambitions Determination Implement all your plans.

Some people are intimidated by your character and courage, but only those who know you well know how to appreciate your qualities Respectful qualities.

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5) Triangle n ° 5

Your choice reveals that you are a character Going out You will never stop surprising your family with a thousand stories.

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Going out
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If someone wants to brighten up the evening, you can be sure that he will call you because you are creating a happy and festive atmosphere around you. Family reunions also change An explosion.

You have a powerful light that emits waves of excitement that make it difficult to deal with negative vibrations.