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Here's how to download VaxiCode app

Here’s how to download VaxiCode app

From this Wednesday, all Cubans who have been adequately vaccinated are invited to download the free application Voxicode, which will serve as proof of vaccination from September 1st.

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For newer technologies, some information and easy steps to download the app and then the vaccine QR code:

– Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “VaxiCode”

Download the free app (Syringe, Yellow Icon with Bottle, Flor-de-Liz in the right corner)

– Start the application. A startup wizard will ask you to authorize the use of the camera

– Click “Add Existing Evidence for Vaccine”

There are three options to save this proof: scan a QR code (take a picture of it), get a QR code from the self-service portal, or select an image of the QR code on your phone

Must have at least iPhone 6, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS11 software

On Android devices, the software version must be at least 8.1

You can also find out how you can provide this resource from September 1:

– Open the VaxiCode app

– Touch the screen at your vaccine source. Only the QR code with your name will be displayed. You do not need to disclose any further information during the audit

– If you would like to see more details on your vaccination certificate, click the “Show Details” button

The Quebec government reminds us that it is important to update the application to ensure the proper functioning of the application to display the most up-to-date QR code.

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At the end of the day on Wednesday, note that VaxiCode and VaxiCode Verification are the most downloaded free apps in the country.


To download the VaxiCode app on Android, Click here

To download the VaxiCode app on the iPhone, Click here

Additionally, those who do not have access to the Internet or the printer can call 1 877 644-4545 Obtain proof of vaccine by mail in paper form.

Source: qué / vaccine passport