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Apple is said to be planning without a SIM card slot

Apple is said to be planning without a SIM card slot

SIM cards have always been a thorn in Apple’s side. The team from Cupertino was the driving force behind reducing the card to the Fitley size it is today, and has played a major role in eSIM’s saloon capability. In this context, rumors continue to circulate about iPhone models that do not have a SIM card slot.

Colleagues from Macromers Information and actual documentation may have been leaked that Apple advised cell phone providers in the US not to put the SIM card in the package when shipping the smartphone. Its purpose is to convince customers about eSIM. If you buy the device at the Apple Store in the US, you have not received a SIM for a long time, but go through the eSIM system. Starting in the second half of 2022, all iPhone 13 models without a SIM will have to go to customers.

In September, the iPhone 14 could be delivered without a SIM card slot, thus relying only on eSIM. First, the move is not expected until 2023. This information should be handled with caution as there is still a long way to go.

Sure, there are advantages to such an eSIM, but anyone who occasionally wants to change their smartphone “for a moment” knows that getting activation codes, depending on the provider, is not always easy. You take the real sim and slide it on the new smartphone – that’s all.