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Netflix, sting against shared accounts: tough decision

Netflix, sting against shared accounts: tough decision

Netflix decides to officially take pages against shared profiles. A drastic decision is coming to unleash the users.

The streaming operating system initiates sting for multiple users (via screenshot).

List Netflix It is one of the largest instant messaging sites, thanks to its excellent content and its exclusivity. The company to this day Reed Hostings Provides users with the last chapters of Paper house Until the picture It was the hand of God Signed by Paulo Sorrentino. But not only that, in fact, the new series was dedicated to the Italians Ficara and Picon.

For this reason, the giant of video streaming sites, every month, is ready to promise its users. The most anticipated content. Nevertheless, the American company is ready to take the page Against shared profiles, Making a drastic decision that causes a few bad moods. Let’s see what happens in the last few hours.

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Netflix against shared accounts – they will be deleted

Popular video streaming site and shared accounts (via Pixabay)

Netflix So decided to celebrate Christmas Expected and tough decision making against shared profiles. During these hours, many users are having trouble logging in. Colossus indeed Streaming video He also sent a message to this type of user. The statement said:If you do not live with the account holder, You need your own account to continue watching Netflix. Your account? We will send you a verification code“After this message, the operating system will send its users a Double code To access the platform.

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In addition, the service ensures the range of functions that a profile can perform. Even the current business rules are very strict in this sense and do not allow any occasion Sharing Profile with relatives, friends or strangers. In fact, users can only share their account with their own family members. Also, The The final hurdle For those who continue to commit this offense.

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