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Is it always possible to exchange Christmas gifts?  Be aware of exceptions

Is it always possible to exchange Christmas gifts? Be aware of exceptions

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Christmas gift is enough if you do not like. But what do recipients need to know if they want to exchange goods?

It happens again and again; Among friends, for example. But it also happens to couples who have known each other for years. Sometimes it even happens to parents and their children. Are you already skeptical? We’re talking about the play that takes place under the Christmas tree, and the gifts are not perfect. Even worse, the total grip on it. Then? Summarizes how it works best by exchanging Christmas gifts.

Exchanging Christmas Gifts: This is what customers need to know

How many people were allowed to celebrate before Christmas * and many were waiting for gifts ordered due to the long delivery times in 2021 *, the stress continues even after the holidays. First, the myth of gift exchange must be dispelled: it is not true that consumers generally have a right to it. On the one hand it is necessary to distinguish which products are involved and on the other hand how they were purchased.

The first step is to look at the following points:

  • If customers are able to inspect the goods in person before purchasing, a store does not have to return the item sold. Reasonable complaints are excluded from this.
  • Online shopping is an exception: you have a legal 14-day right of return because you cannot verify the item directly. Some online stores go even further and offer even longer deadlines to their customers.
  • Capture in this case: The legal right to a 14-day withdrawal begins exactly at the moment the buyer receives the package. Christmas gifts are often pre-ordered. The deadline may have already ended Christmas.
  • From a purely legal point of view, many customers have a really bad chance of returning or exchanging gifts after a given deadline. But: After all, large retail chains generally accommodate. In addition, there are special exchange rules for Christmas. Important: Items were withdrawn in original packaging without signs of use.
  • Receipt: Although uncomfortable, you should ask the gift giver a lot. You should ask the buyer for a receipt because you will always need the transfer.
  • Accepting the exclusive right to delete may be an option, but will often only work in small stores that have direct contact with the owners. In any case, you must keep the contract in writing.
  • If you want to wrap up the gift vouchers for Christmas, you need to make sure that they can be retrieved from many places. Because: Gift vouchers are valid for at least three years and are generally non-transferable.
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We have already clarified the basic requirements for exchanging Christmas gifts. But of course exceptions and products have not yet been withdrawn. Saturn 1 Summarizes some:

  • Manufactured goods. You can not withdraw from purchasing products made according to customer specifications such as curtains or sizing clothes. But not every product is measured according to customer needs. For example, anyone who connects a computer together can retrieve it from the standard modules online
  • Sealed toilets. Articles that are unsuitable for withdrawal for health care or hygiene reasons are sealed and cannot be withdrawn if the customer breaks the seal. Health articles also include toys for the bedroom. A WC seat Not a health product. Underwash And Badebekleidung Legally counted as health articles and mattresses. So the purchase of such items can be canceled – but: if the retailer imposes on the buyer the terms and conditions of the refund of the mattress ordered online, it will be more expensive to refund it.
  • Veranstaltungstickets. Tickets for cultural or sporting events cannot be canceled if the event has a specific date.
  • CDs, DVDs and console games. Sealed data carriers are exempt from the right to withdraw once the customer breaks the seal.
  • E-books. Purchasing an e-book is usually refundable. However, before downloading the article, booksellers usually state that the right to withdraw will expire once the book has been downloaded. After downloading the e-book from many retailers the buyer will not be able to cancel the purchase – even though the withdrawal period is not over yet.

If you are exchanging gifts at the store, you should consider that driving in the winter poses particular risks in the current highly variable weather. * Is part of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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