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Apple is considering integrating Touch ID into the Apple TV remote control

Apple is considering integrating Touch ID into the Apple TV remote control

According to the patent application filed by Apple, the company may consider integrating Touch ID technology into the Apple TV remote control. A good way to strengthen privacy and user experience.

Apple TV 4K 2021 Remote Control

Remote Control of Apple TV 4K 2021 // Source: Apple

This is a request Patent Cupertino has filed with the U.S. Patent Office recommending the inclusion of a biometric sensor system in the Apple TV remote control. So that means Apple is thinking of integrating its Touch ID system directly into the device.

Say goodbye to passwords on Apple TV

Touch ID is already used on many Apple devices: some iPhones, Macs, but also iPads. However this biometric sensor is still expected in the Apple Watch. Touch ID allows authentication using the user’s biometric data by registered fingerprint. The user should place his finger on the sensor, instead of entering his password. Touch ID can be used to link your account to the site, download payment applications, make payments with Apple Pay, and more.

Its integration into the Apple TV is highly relevant because it is even possible to download paid apps or rent video and audio content. Currently, the user has to enter his / her password using the remote control. By activating Touch ID, it is enough to press the finger on the remote control, which will make the operation more secure and more convenient.

Easily identify and separate profiles

The integration of Touch ID in this remote control makes it possible to easily manage various profiles associated with the Apple TV. You can then book access to specific content for specific users. Touch ID can then act as a parental control, especially with a reliable level of security – and cannot be overwritten by children.

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The patent further states that the remote control equipped with Touch ID can control other connected items in the home, especially home appliances. However, it should be noted that this patent application was filed a year ago, in August 2019. So there is no indication that Apple wants to implement it soon.

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