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TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat ... What are the most downloaded applications in 2021?

TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat … What are the most downloaded applications in 2021?

Every year, the American company Optopia Has now established a ranking of
Applications Most downloaded Android and iOS. In 2020, that is
TikTok It tops the top 10 with 656 million downloads, almost 200 million less than it was a year ago.

A few days ago, the American site Cloudfare, Revealed that in 2021 became the Chinese social network. The most visited site in the world, In front of Google. Last year Dictak was in seventh place.

Telegraph in the first 5 places

At Ranking The most downloaded apps in the world,
Instagram And
Facebook Finish the platform with 545 million and 416 million downloads respectively. A platform made entirely of social networks. WhatsApp (395 million downloads) and Telegram (329 million downloads) follow. The latter Significantly increased its inscriptions by controversy Regarding the change in the terms of use of WhatsApp; She was ranked eighth in 2020.

Snapshot is in sixth place with 327 million downloads, slightly ahead of Zoom (300 million downloads). The video conferencing application popularized by Teleworking is less active than last year (477 million downloads) but still in the top 10. Messenger (268 million downloads) is eighth, down two places compared to 2020. Video editing application CapCut (255 million downloads) and Spotify (203 million downloads) complete this ranking.

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