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Another vaccination campaign in Hausberge this Sunday |  Porta Westfalica

Another vaccination campaign in Hausberge this Sunday | Porta Westfalica

Porta Westfalica Local Mountains (mt / dh). Another vaccination campaign will take place this Sunday, January 9, at the evangelical House, Houseberg, Kirchik 7. According to the city administration report, Drs. Antje van der Meij and two doctors from Porta Westfalica do the vaccinations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Modernna and Biotech fabrics are available for several hundred vaccines.

“I am very pleased to be able to vaccinate near my home on New Year’s short notice, and Dr. Van der Meiz and his team and all those involved in the mission,” said Mayor Dr. Sonja Gerlach (CDU) in a statement, announcing the parish already on December 5th and 12th. There were two vaccination campaigns in the hall.

Observe known safety and hygiene measures. Mandatory wearing of the mask and observance of the required spacing. Disinfectants are available.

Find out what’s important every Sunday from 6pm.

Children can be vaccinated only after they have been certified and in the presence of their guardians. Pre-registration or appointment reservation is not possible.

For the booster vaccine, the second vaccination should be at least three months in advance. You will need to bring your vaccination card, your insurance card and your ID card or passport.

A statement of approval for the vaccine and an anamnesis sheet must be completed and signed. These are available for download on the Port of Westfalika website. Printed forms are available on the site.

Parking is at Bürgerhaus, Am Park 1 and WEZ-Markt, Unter der Schalksburg 3.

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