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Instagram will test a timeline feed

Instagram will test a timeline feed

Instagram will soon give its users the option of displaying a timeline news series, and will not be managed by a ranking algorithm. Adam Moseri, President and CEO of the company; Announced Wednesday, January 5th Social networking will soon test three different display options, two of which will appear chronologically with photos posted by followers.

Currently, Instagram feeds are managed by automated ranking algorithms, which take into account a large number of signals to determine which photos users will be interested in. Thus, the latter prefers photos that are constantly being published by “liked” accounts or photos that are already experiencing significant viral success on the platform.

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Adverse effects

This automated classification is subject to criticism, especially by associations or researchers, who believe it makes them more vulnerable to harmful content. Documents Revealed by a former Facebook employee at the end of 2021 In particular, Francis Hogan pointed out that content published by celebrities is strongly highlighted in the web of Internet users and may have a negative impact on the well-being of some users of Instagram and especially female users.

Today all social networks use the content ranking algorithm by default. In 2016, when Instagram dropped the timeline, the company justified the change “As far as Instagram is concerned, it’s hard to see all the photos and videos shared there.[e] .

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The world

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