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BMW Theater Screen with Amazon Fire TV: Tesla fans are jealous

BMW Theater Screen with Amazon Fire TV: Tesla fans are jealous


Tesla has Theater Mode, which has a theater screen in conjunction with the BMW My Mode Theater. At CES in Las Vegas, an impressive 31-inch drive-in cinema will be allowed.

A rotating 31-inch screen is the centerpiece. Content is provided by the integrated Fire TV. (Source: BMW)

  • BMW is working with Amazon to integrate FireTV into vehicles.
  • At CES, Automaker Theater Screening presents an amazing experience alongside My Mode Theater.
  • The rear passenger in the car’s 31-inch screen can enjoy pictures in 8K resolution.

On top of that CES in Las Vegas Demonstrates new form of entertainment in BMW car. Thanks Amazon Fire TV (You need to get the stick It is better not to plug it into a USB port) And 31-inch screen, the car becomes an 8K cinema. At the push of a button, called the My Mode Theater, it has a retractable 32-inch display that adjusts the range of vehicle dimming and light mute.

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At the heart of this special format of drive-in cinema is the 31-inch Smart TV in 32: 9 format. Lowering the screen is done by someone Hans Zimmer With sound composed exclusively for the show.

It is operated using control components embedded in the doors or by touching the screen directly. Depending on the content, the resolution can be up to 8K. 4K content is mainly streamed from Amazon via the integrated Fire TV via 5G radio. You can also restart the photo or music collection.

BMW wants to integrate the cinema experience into future models of the brand. The manufacturer has not yet provided a deadline. Other car manufacturers are also focusing more on improving interior comfort. American manufacturer Tesla has its own theatrical style. Most recently, Tesla passed it on Arcade-mode As well as reduction Internal noise of ANC Talk about yourself. Further News from CES You read at this point in Netswelt.

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