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Android: How to free up space on your smartphone without third party apps?

Android: How to free up space on your smartphone without third party apps?

On many smartphones, storage becomes a major issue. Because often it can not be extended – for example via an SD card.

When you buy a smartphone with 128GB of storage, you are sure that it will be enough for the life of the device. But don’t get me wrong: time passes, videos and photos accumulate, as well as installed apps, downloads … and all of these ultimately affect the available storage of your smartphone.

What to do in this case? Yes, you can replace phones if you run out of storage. But fortunately, there are other environmentally friendly and economical solutions that allow you to keep your data while taking care of your device. In particular, third-party applications available in the Play Store will free up storage while improving the performance of your device. But do you remember the old adage, “It’s very good to be true”? In fact. Most applications that provide this type of service are actually ones that should be avoided.

But don’t worry: the latest versions of Android make it easy to free up storage on your device. The process is the same or it will be very similar on all the smartphones equipped with Android.


The storage space must be cleaned first. To do this, open the Settings app (you can access it by dragging the notification panel twice).

Then navigate Storage> Clear space. Then you’ll see different types of files to clean: junk files, old screen shots, large files, media of specific apps, downloaded files and backed up media in your Google Drive account.

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For junk files, select Delete x MB (x indicates the amount of storage to be released after cleaning).

For all other types of files or applications, you have to choose Select the files Where Select applications, Then check the data boxes you want to delete. Within each section you have the option to select the files individually or press “All Items” to delete them all at once.

Once you have made your selection, click here Uninstall (For applications) or Move the x file (s) to the Trash (For files), and voila!

Carefully review each item proposed in the section. Cleaning From your Settings app. After cleaning, you should have significant storage back on your device. Congratulations, you can find your favorite things again on mobile even if you download the new trendy meme or adorable cat video.