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Top 5 sports games to download

You have registered for the Xbox Game Pass but do not know what to install first? Here are 5 essential game games to download.

For a while now, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has been one of the best value gaming deals out there. With a list of over 450 games, it’s easy to find what we want but get lost.

With so much to choose from, many casual gamers do not know what to download first, given the quality of the games available. If you are a fan of sports games, we suggest you help me a little with this file Top 5 Sports Games Find the Xbox Game Pass list. Attention, most of them are available through EA Play, so only thanks to the Ultimate subscription.


Credit: E.A.

We no longer offer owner games FIFA, They are already an integral part of the evenings with friends of many players. Keep in mind, however, that on Game Boss you often have access to the latest titles released via EA Play. It’s a little too soon FIFA 22But let yourself be tested FIFA 21.


Windjammers2 This is a sequel to the Frisbee game that won critics a few years ago. In this topic, you are playing energetic matches and there is very little room for error. Every step must be accurate and lead you to success. We adore him for his distinctive characters and his unwavering energy.


Fragmenters This is the equivalent Steep But skiing. Minimize avalanches and face bold challenges that will make you the best skier at the resort. You have the opportunity to do tricks in freestyle or take obstacles for more challenge. A winter game because we love them!

Model NFL22

We return to the field with the game of American football Madden NFL22. This is the latest version of the game that will take you to the heart of the game. With its detailed graphics and realistic atmosphere, you will feel like you are part of your favorite band.

To get down

We end up with an outdoor sport, which we named Downhill Mountain Biking. In To get down, Of course the goal is to get off the mountain as quickly as possible while on your bike. Therefore, it is necessary to be fast, accurate and above all to understand in advance the obstacles that will come in your way.

Many more

In addition to these 5 topics, you will find other games that touch on different areas from what we mentioned. Once you’ve found our top 5, here are some other suggestions to put on your list of games. Also note that this list is not exhaustive and the schedule will be updated twice a month.

  • FIFA 20
  • Football Manager 2022
  • Bossmaster Fishing 2022
  • Super Mega Baseball3
  • Dodgeball Academy

As a reminder, Xbox GamePass is a subscription service provided by Microsoft on Xbox and PC. For fixed access it is available for € 9.99 per month, which provides access to a large library of constantly updated games. For 12.99, the Xbox Game Pass also offers access to the Ultimate Cloud, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play Game Library.

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