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The alignment of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is visible to the naked eye in the Sunday morning sky

The alignment of Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is visible to the naked eye in the Sunday morning sky

Rare alignment of planets is to be seen in the Northern Hemisphere this Sunday. A heavenly taste ahead of the even more grandiose show expected in June.

A rare event for astronomy enthusiasts. This Sunday you can observe that the planets Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are aligned in the sky. Early in the morning, just before sunrise, an unusual image can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere. According to Future scienceThe best time is from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm.

It should be noted that this alignment, as spectacular as it is, is only a perspective visible from Earth, and the planets are not really aligned. This event does not require a telescope or binoculars because it is visible to the naked eye. We need to create the right observation conditions for those who see the good weather stars expected in France this weekend.

According to European Space Agency (ESA), you have to look west to see the planets. Those who can not get up to notice this event: Do not worry. In fact, it will be visible again on Saturday, April 23rd, with the addition of the Moon, which will be placed on the same axis as the four planets.

7 planets visible in June

But the real highlight of the show will take place on June 24th. Therefore, all the planets in the solar system – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus – will be aligned again according to Earth’s view. Still a rare occurrence, but it can be hard to notice. First, the telescope or binoculars must be fitted at this time. In addition, for photographers who want to make the scene indestructible, this alignment will take place over a large area of ​​the sky, making it very difficult to take pictures.

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The alignments of the planets visible from Earth are not common, so it is important not to miss these upcoming encounters. Therefore, since 2005, this phenomenon has occurred only three times.