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Android Auto: Finally Wallpapers! All the wallpapers of the infotainment site can be downloaded here


Google’s infotainment site Android Auto The car has received many new features with the latest update including the ability to change the background image on the display. This feature has not yet reached many users, but there are already twelve wallpapers available to choose from. As usual, we offer to download them here.

New design for Android automatically

Available with Android Auto update Android Auto 6.0 Gained many new features, however, must first be implemented on the server, so it will only reach all users in the next few weeks or even months. Even a simple thing like exchanging background image will become a long story on Google and will gradually open up to users only.

Google now offers the option to change the background image, although some users may be disappointed that they do not have the option for free, but you should use the smaller wallpapers provided by Google. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say why the selection was banned. There are some possible reasons, such as security or technical reasons for the high difference due to the connection with the smartphone, but Google has not commented on this.

We have already shown you 12 background images that are very beautiful at first glance. You need to see how they do it in the infotainment system in the car. You can see them in detail below or download the full swing and use the stretch on the desktop.

Android Auto Wallpaper

Wallpapers focus right on the car theme. The pictures show leather upholstery, brake discs and common surfaces inside the car and some ways at night. They’re dark tools, they’re chic to look at, and definitely build a nest on every car’s console display.

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As usual, you can view images in the gallery in Google Photos or download the entire drive in Google Drive. There are currently a dozen wallpapers, all of which are 930 × 480 resolution. They were extracted directly from the new APK file of the Android Auto app – so they are original in the highest resolution.

Android Auto Wallpaper: Gallery (Google Photos) | Download Tamil (Google Drive)


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