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Blizzard Team 1 removes

Blizzard Team 1 removes

Then Warcraft 3: Revised Its reception is somewhat Catastrophic, It seems Blizzard Has decided Remove Team 1 Who oversaw the development of the game and implemented a general overhaul of its internal teams.

With the recent team in charge of Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 1 and 2 and many more titles, the recent total acquisition of Vicarius Vision into the Blizzard will play a role, which has now been moved to action Support For large-scale projects of blizzards.

As Jason Schreier reported in Bloomberg, Warcraft 3: The unsatisfactory results of the reform prompted the company to eliminate the team, probably by deploying staff to other blizzard departments, but without using it as a structural element, leading to different in any case Dismissals.

Considering that Team 1 had to work on the Diablo 2 remake, it is clear that this project also met with some changes As for the system, it has been proven by the statement that Vicarius Visions now wants to work on the game, however it will benefit with Diablo 4.

Warcraft 3: The reform plan would have affected many Problems Internal organization and communication, as well as deficiencies in the management of project-related funds. All of this led to the decision to close Team 1, which was taken in October 2020, and some of its developers later joined Dreamhaven, a new team founded by Blizzard co-founder Mike Morheim.

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