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Lou Pernaut

The son of a “shy” primary participant goes behind the scenes and makes an announcement!

For the first time, let’s find out who is behind the scenes Go Landa But in the eyes of families. We tell you everything about this glorious call!

The Go Landa mystery has finally emerged

Happiness is so easy …

When Go Landa Its twentieth candle is about to explode, Footnote Decided to return the highlight of the show. In fact, when it comes to the reward of a phone call, teams give it their all to get this priceless comfort. Whether it’s the participants, the spectators or Denise Progniart, the emotion of this line is definitely expected every season. However, going back to the archives, we realize that not everyone behaves the same way.

It only lasts a few seconds, but those who receive it will be overwhelmed with joy. Finally, they were able to talk to this person who had missed so much. If the mothers or fathers of the families are able to enjoy this little moment, it does not apply to the children. At the time of the material, Kunley’s son was ten years old. With only one word in his vocabulary, he annoys his father because the latter shouts “You are always very talkative and you will never talk on the phone ”

Can we take it and start again?

Exclusively on Twitter, he returns to this moment. If he was guilty of not understanding what was going on at the time, it was for some reason unknown to us. “ I didn’t live with my dad, so I had no idea he was gone Ko-Landa (He hid it from me to surprise me). ” However, even by justifying himself to his followers ten years later, he could not really explain his behavior. “V.It’s really the most embarrassing moment of my life, I’m stupid, it’s serious. “

Also, during the filming of his father’s hero portrait, the young man was completely confused. “How I got lost, I couldn’t take anything because there were cameramen everywhere in my house. ”Not when he finds pictures, he finds his attitude bitter. Is there a way to catch him? When producing Go Landa Begins to recall legendary candidates, fans of the show have a completely crazy idea. Why shouldn’t he represent his glorious family? After all, the proverb goes Son like father ! The case to follow! Footnote Can’t wait to see if such a dream is possible.

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