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Fans' confidence is being destroyed by Nintendo

Fans’ confidence is being destroyed by Nintendo

Bayonetta fans should be strong now. (Image source: Getty Images / Stockfor, Platinum Games)

Fans have been waiting for more information since the announcement of the much-anticipated “Hack and Slash” series Bayonetta 3. But when will it be released and how will it grow? Well, there is good news and two bad news.

Bayonetta 3: Good news first

Fans of the action game series Bayonetta are getting impatient. Because since the announcement of the Bayonetta 3, In 2017, Platinum Games and Nintendo have a lower profile – no more trailers, no release window or other information yet known.

Break now Hidegi Kamia, Bayonetta is the creator of games, and அட்சுச்சி இனபா, The leader of the platinum games, finally their silence – at least as long as allowed. In conversation with VGC They say growth is progressing well now and everything is fine.

Even the developers Very proud Ambitious continuation and you can not wait to show more.

Then why not see anything new?

Apparently Nintendo is not yet allowed to show or say anything else about the Platinum Games game. It at least suggests the following quote from Hidegiw Camea:

If you remember, the last thing I said was that even if everyone asks about the Bioneta 3, (…) everyone should forget about it for a while. I have to maintain this perspective for now because in the end what we say and when we say it is not our decision. “

“As long as the fans are waiting for it, we’re waiting for the day when we can deliver it. We want everyone to be excited when we’ve been around the house. We want to show too!”

Maybe this month could be one Nintendo Direct, As fans guess. The Bayonet 3 can be shown on it if it is compatible with other Nintendo programs. (Source: Game Rand)

But it is expected that there will be no news about this game this year.

Is Bayonetta losing her voice?

The second and last bad news comes from behind the Ambra spell. Helena Taylor is giving the heroine More than 12 years Her glorious voice. A tweet now suggests that it will no longer be in the third game of the series.

When a fan writes that she can’t imagine Bayonetta without her fantastic voice, the actress responds: “Well, maybe you should.” In the comments to the controversial tweet, she writes that May not go into further details. (They are: Twitter / Helena Taylor)

You can watch the Action Announcement trailer for the Bayonet 3 here:

So the development of the Bayonet 3 continues to progress and the team seems to be very proud of the game so far. However, Nintendo decides when to look new, so this may take some time.

In addition, Bayonetta’s cast mentions that they will no longer speak. It remains to be seen whether their change will do justice to the character or the change of protagonist.

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