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AMI: Digital Pass 2022

AMI: Digital Pass 2022

Call to Express Interest (AMI)
For device “Digital pass

Reunion region introduces AMI (call to expression). Complete a list of 22 arbitration structures that support the public far from digital as part of the Digital Pass.

Designed on the model of restaurant tickets, the Digital Pass is a check for மதிப்பு 10 per unit value. Each user can benefit from a guide of 10 digital passes (worth € 100) and get support at the Digital Arbitration Center near their home.

This AMI is aimed at associations working in the field of support and digital content.


Allow the structure of the digital arbitration department,

- Support the deployment of effective and consistent local activities,

- Dissemination of digital pass books in the digital arbitrage space


Application file must be sent Before June 15, 2022 At 12 p.m.

- In the dematerialized version (if possible) by email to the address. [email protected]

- Or in hard copy at the following address:

Department of Innovation and Digital Development

MRST – House of Exports

Right-wing, second floor

3, rue Serge Ycard

97490 Saint-Clotilde

_For more details : [email protected]

Download AMI Digital Pass:
Click here

Download Application Form: Digital Pass:
Click here

See the diagram of the named structures:
Click here

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