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"Fortnight", "Rocket League", "League of Legends" ... Which video game is the most addictive?

“Fortnight”, “Rocket League”, “League of Legends” … Which video game is the most addictive?

What Video Games Too addicted? This is the question that the study, conducted by the Private Rehab Clinic, a detoxification center in the United Kingdom, is trying to answer. To achieve this, the researchers selected about fifty games and analyzed their comments on the rating site Metacritic, according to the special site. 25 Entertainment. I.e. In the sent article Squeeze the lemon. They wondered how many times the word “slave” appeared.

This method helped establish the list of winners they dominated Rocket League. The game, released by Psyonix, looks even more addictive than that Littlewood And Theology Stage finishers. Come next In the Stardew Valley And League of Legends. Fortnight Ranked in the top 10 and 9th.

Endless games

Martin Preston, general manager of the clinic, sees a commonality in most addictive sports. “Many of them do not have pre-defined results (…). This means that the player does not reach a stage where they ‘finish’ every challenge or task, which allows the game to come to a natural end and move them,” he explains on

In 2019, Excessive video game training has been officially recognized by the WHO as a disease It is characterized by “losing control of the game and giving too much priority to the game”.

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