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On a bicycle, go to the Gallo-Romans in Vaccine

On a bicycle, go to the Gallo-Romans in Vaccine

At the center of the regional nature park, an old Roman road offers a variety of routes with traditional and cultural stops between Pontois and Magni-en-Vex. A short guide to cycling freely on the Wall-D’Os.

During the holidays, why not put your bicycle wheels on the Jules-Caesar road, which, two thousand years ago, merged the Lute with La Manche? The abandoned road in the Middle Ages fell into oblivion in the 18th century. Until the intervention of the French Wax Regional Nature Park, it sets seven hikes (download ways HereTaking part of the old Roman road between Pontois and Magni-en-Vex. If this trail is named after Julius Caesar, it is a confusion until the Middle Ages because it was undoubtedly discovered during the time of his adopted son Augustus or his successor Tiberius. I joined her about ten kilometers from the SARS station.

In the hills, the road looks like a path; In the woods, on a slightly rounded path; And, in the middle of the plains, to a line drawn by a line. A gravel, cyclocross-derived racing bike is the perfect terrain to try, but any bike with large tires will do. Arriving a short distance from the village of Berce, I rest while crossing Sussie Bruneihat, another Roman road from Roman Wise to Orleans.

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