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Thanks to Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, Naoki Yoshida - Nerdu 4. Life

Thanks to Final Fantasy 14, World of Warcraft, Naoki Yoshida – Nerdu 4. Life

Most players know, Final Fantasy14 It was a huge disaster at the time of its release. Square Enix also had to publicly apologize for the state of the game, and decided to recreate the work from scratch and handed over the project Nok Ki Yoshida. The director gave birth to “A Realm Reborn”, which received critical and public acclaim. Now, Yoshida explains that all of this is possible thanks World of Warcraft.

Yoshida, who was interviewed by PCGamesN, said: “If it weren’t for that World of Warcraft – Whom we consider to be a great ‘guide’ and with deep respect – Significant revival of Final Fantasy 14 is not possible. I was given the obligation to save the original FFXIV unprecedented failure and project. When you take control of a failed project and elevate it, I don’t think there is a way for you to create the game you want to create in your head. But I was playing World of Warcraft and I used that game as a research object. ”

Final Fantasy14

He continues: “I explained what I learned to different teams, put it all together and used that knowledge in development. We did not have the luxury of putting what we liked or did not like. History. Final Fantasy 11 had a huge influence on this perspective, but considering it was Final Fantasy Saga’s game, a strong storytelling was definitely necessary. This result is not related to my personal taste, but it is related to being an ultimate fantasy game. ”

So it seems that World of Warcraft is implicitly the savior of Final Fantasy 14A Real Reborn. Always talkingMMORPG Through Square Enix, we would like to point out that some musicians have paid great tribute to the return of Masayoshi Shokan.

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