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China discovered "unusual" fragments on the other side of the moon

China discovered “unusual” fragments on the other side of the moon

“It appears to have a sharp shape and extends from the ground.”


A Chinese rover discovered an unusually shaped rock that is believed to be part of a meteorite that is wedged into the moon’s surface.

According to Space.comThe Chinese rover UT-2 made its discovery on the other side of the moon. The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) has described a long shaft as a “milestone”. Science Communication Channel Our place – This is the latest example of how the long-observed lunar surface can do this More surprises for brave researchers

Image via China National Space Administration


What lunar scientists are most excited about is the shape of it, which is different from other rocks on the moon.

Don Moriardi, NASA’s post-doctoral fellow at the Goddard Space Flight Center, said: “It appears to be sharp and protruding from the ground.“It’s totally extraordinary.”

According to Moriardi, regular lunar rocks are rounded due to “weather patterns on the lunar surface”.

Deep effects

Next, CNSA researchers plan to further explore the rock using the rover’s visible and nearby infrared imaging spectrometer to analyze the material composition.

Further analysis is needed to determine a more accurate look. But now Moriarty was saying so The rock is part of a meteorite impact – reminiscent of the ruined surface of the moon as a living geological environment, formed by the still more brutal asteroid impacts.

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