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La F40 del futuro secondo un designer Kia

According to Kia designer F40 of the future – Monto Auto

Marcel Sebastian Is a senior exterior designer on behalf of Kia Europe. But through his blog and his social profiles you can appreciate works beyond the brand he works for. His digital portfolio is very diverse and vast and through his Instagram account marcell_sebestyen You can ‘enter’ its creativity. For Ferrari enthusiasts, recently, Sebastian The concept of the F40 coming from the future has been dusted off.

Although the profile of Maranello’s famous car is widely recognizable, The car is an expression of a more radical design. The lines appear sharper, for example, a particular circle of the original shape is preferred to an almost ‘straight’ profile. The wheels seem to ‘come out’ of the tires, a common feature of today’s world of designers to reinforce the aggressive charge of the models.

The central part is certainly the most characteristic of the whole concept. Although the clean lines in the original are interspersed with two naga sockets, in the case of Sebastian’s F40 we move on to a more aggressive design, with the bottom one disappearing and the top increasing in size and length. This Ferrari concept is developing at length above all else: It can be seen from the tail, it appears even more. The view ends with the rear, which selects the red LED line instead of the classic headlights, forming a luxurious rear wing on top of it.

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