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Valvin's new game for SteamTech is a combination of Half-Life and RTS for Datamine -

Valvin’s new game for SteamTech is a combination of Half-Life and RTS for Datamine –

Tyler McVicker – the creator of the Valve News Network – recently announced some of the information that has been discovered through the software’s datamining. அடைப்பான் (About Steam, DOTA 2 and so on) Fort (Code), a co-op FPS / RTS game described as a combination of Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, or Son between Half-Life and RTS.

Citadel has been developing the game with a particular focus on Steam Deck and console controls, according to McVicker, who has been researching the game since 2018. Citadel is still in full development and should be available In one and a half or two years. Valve often focuses on the production and distribution of the steam deck, but it does not set aside the work of the game: this is what McVicker tells us.

Half-Life Alix

However, McVicker himself points out that everything is the same Rumor And it is not official information. Tataminer reminds us that he does not represent Valve in any way and that only the company can finally determine what the citadel plan is.

New original designs from Valve will certainly not be undesirable, especially if designed to take advantage of the features of the steam deck. Note that SteamTech has been postponed to 2022: the new release period for the Valve portable console.

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