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According to Google Assistant, Italy has not won Euro 2020

According to Google Assistant, Italy has not won Euro 2020

Emanuel Sisotti

We all know how the final match will be Euro 2020 It brought a match up to the penalty spot after England beat the Italian national football team last night. A situation that is sticking to millions of Italians and is evident on everyone’s lips, even for those who don’t want to know anything about football.

With the exception of Google, which refused to follow the penalty kicks, it therefore decided that the Euro 2020 final ended in a draw, With 1-1 With that we parted at 120 at. Seeing is believing. “Okay Google, who won Euro 2020?”

smartworld.itGoogle is in league with the Queen ## Ita ## Italy ## Euro 2020 ## Google ## Alexa ## ItalylandSound Original Sound –

This is an error in the way Google reads structured data in its databases and cannot evaluate the outcome of a football match as a result of penalties. “How did Italy end England?” If you ask that the answer is correct.

While waiting for this Error You can solve (manually or permanently) Consolarvi with Alexa, Instead will tell you exactly the end of the regular time and the end after the penalty.

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