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Comment télécharger des vidéos ou contenus TikTok avec Qoob Clips

How to download dicto videos or content with oo coupe clips

Cube clips This is a tool that allows you to download and retrieve files of any dictation content. Backup your account, watch videos offline, keep memory or get inspired by having memorable content, coupe clips will be your new partner …

Available on Mac and PC, Cube clips Is provided as software to install on your computer. Once installed, you have the option to search by relevant username or hashtag to find relevant content. Note that you do not need to link to a Dictoc account to make the tool work.

For example, I look up Gary Weave’s account:

When your search is complete, the relevant content will be displayed. Content is returned to your computer by clicking on it.

Each content can be found on your computer or directly on Dictoc. You can also access the folder where the files are stored. You can even copy texts displayed in videos.

Many uses:

  1. Make a complete backup of your account to make sure you do not lose your content and why not use them again on other sites.
  2. Retrieve content related to the hashtag or dictoc challenge.
  3. Automatically save all new content from account or hashtag. The tool will scan the content and find any new content to save.
  4. Check out Dictoc content without the link.
  5. View content without advertising

The process can not be simple, once the software is installed search by hashtag or username, that’s all 😊

One video or all videos can be downloaded at once, the real-time saver. All videos are automatically stored in the “Video / Cube Clips” directory on your computer.

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You can test the tool for free. Free version 2 allows you to follow accounts / hashtags. Also, the subscription starts from 12 per month.

To download and test Qoob clips, click here!

Note that the tool is also available for Instagram: Cube stories

Article co-authored with Qoob.