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Gran Turismo 7, PS5 and PS4 - Nerdu 4. The beta test appears on the PlayStation site for the Game of Life

Gran Turismo 7, PS5 and PS4 – Nerdu 4. The beta test appears on the PlayStation site for the Game of Life

Gran Turismo7 There may be a version Beta testing Coming up in the next few days, since it appeared, perhaps by mistake, The PlayStation official site, In a somewhat hidden section and may still be defined.

This report comes from the GDP Planet site, which also reports that the Gran Turismo 7 beta is within the official PlayStation site, especially in the Enjoy the PlayStation, Which Sony rarely uses, but has been integrated with initiatives such as demos and beta test phases, which the company has used in some cases, usually in conjunction with live events.

Considering that the initial release is compatible with the 2017 PlayStation Experience system in Anaheim, this information may also open up alleged allegations Presentation event Summer is coming from Sony, which according to some may be a new PlayStation experience.

But beyond speculation, here it is How it works Question: By going to the area Enjoy the PlayStation of the official site, You can sign in to your account and select “Start Quest” and then “Related Campaigns”, then “Italia Quest”.

Gran Turismo 7: Appears “in search” of the PlayStation Experience section of the beta test site

Inside you will find the “Grand Tourism Beta (Test)”. At this point, all you have to do is watch the Gran Turismo 7 video, so that “The Code Beta in advance. “The strange thing is that the latter does not work and seems to be a kind of placeholder that cannot be recovered, which marks the initial release of the initiative, which will be launched exactly in the next few days.

So the beta version of the Gran Turismo 7 will be released Available Soon all of this seems to integrate the PlayStation experience or the idea of ​​an event coming up in the summer, and we look forward to more information.

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In the meantime, we learned that the Gran Turismo 7 has been postponed to 2022 and that it will come On PS5 and PS4 Come cross-gen.