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Une Toulousaine crée une application pour mieux converser en anglais avec un coach à l'autre bout de file

A woman from Toulouse is developing an app to improve her oral English

On March 1, Toulouse created Elodie Testrol Mobile application to speak English live with a trainer A native of an English-speaking or bilingual country. English Language Learning Application for Adults “They already have basic English, but prefer to speak more comfortably because they are in a professional environment or traveling to English-speaking countries. Students preparing for competitions and exams can also practice speaking English. “ Elody Destroel, who runs the World Academy of Language Training Center in Toulouse, explains.

Application Spike Allows you to engage in an oral conversation in English with the trainer at any time, to engage in a 30-minute discussion or an hour-long meeting. Many teachers from English-speaking countries are hired and evaluated by the user at the end of the conversation.

The app is free to download. A 30-minute workout costs 19 euros, while an hour’s training costs 32 euros. There is also an unbounded monthly subscription formula and annual offer.

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