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Mars: Exceptional images of solar eclipses seen from the red planet

Mars: Exceptional images of solar eclipses seen from the red planet

The diligent robot filmed an exceptional scene, which was shared by NASA.

Have you ever wondered what one is? Eclipse View from Mars planet ? Maybe not … Anyway, that scene is amazing. A promise that we can have now thanks NASA, Which captured exceptional images on April 2nd. Thanks to his robot Diligence Crossing the red planet and who was able to take the picture solar eclipse.

11.5 km in diameter

The robot captured these images with his camera Mastcam ZWe can see Little Moon Phobos (Potato shaped), the larger of the two Satellites Of MarchPassed before The sun. The sequence of exceptional quality, to the extent that it appears to be false. Still, these are all very real. For information, Phobos is 157 times smaller than our moon, or 11.5 kilometers in diameter. A size prevents it from closing completely The sun.

Illustrated by NASA, Spirit And Opportunity The space agency’s first all-terrain vehicle using the event in 2004. But at the time, robots were only able to collect photos. The rover is in 2019 Curiosity Became the first person to record a video of the event.

Really attractive. I zoomed in on my Mastcam-Z camera during the Phobos solar eclipse. This detailed video will help the scientists in my team to understand how Mars’ orbit and its gravitational force affect its interior, including the crust and surface of Mars.

– NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover (NASAPersevere) April 20, 2022