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A Resident Evil remake on Unity Engine is downloaded for free

A Resident Evil remake on Unity Engine is downloaded for free

A funny resident on the FPS scene drops Evil still shots.

If you appreciate the Resident Evil franchise and want to immerse yourself in the first Opus released in 1996, learn that a FPS version made in Unity Engine is available for free download. You can see how she looks in the video below.

While this achievement may attract newcomers, veterans have less of a right. On the site dedicated to this project, the authors note that it was not carried out for profit. The controls are very standard: move W, A, S, D, Shift Run, Right Mouse Click, Shooting Left Click, Mouse Wheel to change weapons and complete the dream and leave the mansion. Download file, BIOHAZARD-Uncomplete.V.1.3, Weighs 383 MB. If you want to try this version do not wait too long; Capcom will seek to withdraw it immediately.

Video: Resident Evil 2 Preview with AI-enhanced settings

Resident Evil without standard cameras

Note that the character in the original title is in third party view. After all, still shots, with their different angles, play a huge role in the repressive atmosphere of the game; Inevitably, FPS visually makes the title lose this dimension. To illustrate these differences, here is a video of the original Resident Evil.

Source: DSOGaming

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