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Google fall 2021

Google has announced sharp news for Android smartphones

By purchasing an Android device, you know you have a product that improves every year, thanks to new functionality Google Publishes with great discipline. Today the California company has announced some new features that will be coming in smartphones with the green robot in the next few weeks.

We can already start using some of them today, so it’s not too late to find out what Big G has prepared for us.

The smartphone is controlled with the face

Roll out Camera switches e Implement the planTwo new accessibility features inspired by people with motor and speech impairments. The first is a part of the Android accessibility package and switches the front camera to switch on the smartphone without touching the screen or any button.

Project Activate is a new processor that allows you to use facial expressions or eye movements to execute a series of pre-defined actions, with the ability to send messages, execute phrases or sounds. To help people with visual impairments, the Lookout application is enriched with the possibility of recognizing the manuscript. The application can identify Euro and Rupee in currency mode, and support for other currencies will come soon.

The TV is controlled by the smartphone

Today it is easy to find something to see for yourself from the beginning Google TVEven in the most common cases where the remote control is swallowed by some pillow. Controlling Google TV from your smartphone is really possible, thanks to the integrated functionality on Android, including turning on the device, from the screen of your smartphone.

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This makes it very easy to configure streaming services, for which you will need to enter an account and password, which is often difficult to access via remote control. The news will begin in the next few weeks, with the announcement of the availability of the Google TV app in fourteen countries.

The countries involved are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and fortunately Italy. This way you can control your device with Google TV / Android TV in Quick Settings (Android 11 and Android 12 only) or with the tile to be included in the dedicated application. The user can choose between the controls with the T-Pad and gestures for navigation.

Manage operations with Google Assistant

Google’s voice assistant is enriched with a new centralized center for managing reminders, accessible with the phrase “Hey Google, open my reminders”. You can view saved reminders with tips for creating a series of reminders at once.

You can receive relevant notifications on your connected devices and create new reminders with commands you already use, whether you are using or moving at home.

Photos and videos in a protected location

This feature is only available on Pixel smartphones so far but will be coming on all Android devices very soon. Let’s talk about Locked folder From Google Photo, Provides password protected space to securely store photos and videos while scrolling through apps and other applications.

More freedom of expression by Gboard

The most preferred keyboard by Android users, Gboard, Emoji is ready to get even richer thanks for the news coming to the kitchen. With over 1,500 new stickers to be released in the coming weeks, creating new combinations of your favorite emojis will be even easier for richer and clearer communication.

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Messages for Gboard do not stop there, it helps users to communicate faster, thanks to new functions. By copying texts that contain a variety of information, such as address, email or phone number, Gboard gives you multiple options to separate and paste each record, using only the data you need at a given time.

Also, by opening a messaging processor as soon as the screen shot is taken, Gboard will immediately give you the opportunity to share it without accessing the appropriate menu. Also for Android 11 and later smartphones, machine learning will speed up writing thanks to Smart Compos, which will suggest entire sentences depending on the context.

More control over stocks

Thanks for the many improvements in the settings Nearby sharingThe user has more control over who can view his device and send files. With the ability to quickly change these settings through Quick Settings, you can choose to keep your contacts or anyone anonymous.

Heads up comes on more and more smartphones

One of the latest innovations introduced Digital health And Upside down, An activity that tries to prevent you from using your smartphone when you walk through traffic. This function shows continuous alerts that remind you of the danger of looking at a smartphone and walking down the street without paying proper attention to what is happening in the surrounding environment.

You can view additional details for each visiting newsletter This section On the official Android site.