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reggie fils-aimé nintendo innovation

Reggie Fills-Aime will be publishing a book soon

That was in April 2019 Reggie Fills-Ime The chairman retired Nintendo of the United States By giving way Duck Bowser. This great fellow to the many memes he inspired to cause a complete revolution in the way of communication Nintendo, Was very popular among the fans and continues to get big smiles from the players with his every intervention.

So they will be happy to learn it Reggie Fills-Ime Is writing a book about his rise to the pinnacle of the North American section of Nintendo : No release date yet (Amazon marks the release for May 2022), As it is called Disrupting the game: From the Bronx to the top of Nintendo And includes “Leadership lessons”And“Inspirational stories“Readers, like a little Bob Iger In his book

Nintendo’s presentation on E3 in 2004 reads, “My name is Reggie, I’m here to kick ass, I’m here. We’re here to identify my enemies. Create plays.”

Learn from Reggie how to identify career choices that make you truly happy, overcome the negative opinions of those who underestimate or reject you, and use the courage, perseverance, and resilience needed to dominate. Achieve your professional dreams.

No French translation of the work has been announced yet, but considering this it is not possible HarperCollins There is a branch in our country.