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A rain of new emojis is coming soon on our smartphones

About thirty new emojis were released last July for Unicode standard version 14.0. Now that it’s completely over, all they have to do is drop it on our devices and social platforms.

Description of emojis proposed for version 14 // Source: Emojipedia

Version 14 of the Unicode standard allows us to reach less than 37 new emojis // Source: Emojipedia

We have Discussed in detail in July, Here they come in our devices and in different variants Social sites. Total 37 new emojis Official version 14.0 of the Unicode standard Are ready to use. Among the icons, hand gestures, useful pictures and new smileys, this choice will be full of novelty. It often goes with certain social evolutions and different currents of thought.

The most notable additions, for example, are the “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” emojis, with all the usual skin tones for high content regardless of your skin color.

Always more emojis for our conversations

In the same way, you can use new “crowned person” emoticons to complete current prince and princess emojis, and gender neutral. The most common, “handshake” emojis and various hand signs appear with a wide mix of skin colors.

On the smiley side, we can also count on some interesting new features: an emoji in the process of melting, another biting its lip or even a military salute emoji.

Description of emojis proposed for version 14 // Source: Emojipedia

Description of emojis proposed for version 14 // Source: Emojipedia

As mentioned On the edge, If these new emoticons are now official and finalized, they must be accepted by tech and other operating system owners (Microsoft, Apple, Facebook …) under big names for use in their respective services, applications and software.

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According to Emojipedia, The matter will be phased out from January to August next year. In other words, we have to wait a little longer.