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Nintendo Switch: Comes with audio output firmware 13.0.0 via Bluetooth

With the firmware update to version 13.0.0, Nintendo gave the Nintendo Switch a function that many have long demanded: integrating Bluetooth speakers for sound output. For more than four years, Bluetooth headphones can now be used on the switch, although not completely without restrictions.

Controls Bluetooth audio controllers

I Support area on your own website Nintendo goes into more detail about the new functionality. Accordingly, if the audio output is via Bluetooth, a maximum of two wireless controllers can be connected to the switch – a set of joy-con controllers already counted as two wireless controllers. Additional wireless controllers cannot be connected until the connection for Bluetooth headphones is disconnected. If the wireless, local multiplayer connection is enabled, the Bluetooth audio connection will also be interrupted automatically.

Bluetooth Audio Mid Ter Nintendo Switch
Bluetooth audio with Nintendo Switch (Image: Nintendo)

Additionally, a Bluetooth audio device can only be connected and its microphones cannot be used. However, the switch reminds ten connected Bluetooth devices to automatically establish a connection. To connect headphones or speakers via Bluetooth, you need to search for them in the computer settings under the new menu item “Bluetooth Audio”.

Download in idle mode

Nintendo has made changes to Switch’s sleep mode so it can do more in the background. From now on, the Nintendo Switch can enable Internet connection in the background via LAN and perform downloads. Passively activate and turn off the function under “Maintaining Passive Internet Connection”; It is factory operated. If this fails, the switch occasionally connects to the Internet, which delays downloads and, conversely, reduces power consumption.

Extended wait mode
Extended standby mode (Image: Nintendo)

In Ten Release Notes Nintendo says the update also adds the option to update the new doc’s firmware with the LIN connection of the Nintendo Switch OLED. Since it is compatible with the current Nintendo Switch, you can start upgrading the dock from both the switch and the switch OLED – but not the switch light, which does not apply to any dock.

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The editorial board would like to thank the community member “Team” for pointing this out.