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God of War 2 in State of Fleet on Thursday?  The Cory Barlock paradox teases the audience

God of War 2 in State of Fleet on Thursday? The Cory Barlock paradox teases the audience

In its continuation I am postponing the Gran Turismo 7 from PlayStation 5 to 2022, A few fans did not care about fate God War 2, Was announced to be coming in 2021 on the revealed occasion.

Since confirming the existence of the game with an intriguing teaser, there are no additional details about the production Santa Monica, With the long-awaited Norse adventure never shown to the public. Recently, with the announcement Game level Scheduled for Thursday, February 25th, we discussed the Sony exclusive launch window again.

Well known journalist Jason SchreierHe was, in particular, very skeptical of the possibility Kratos e Atrius Let’s go back to the scene 2021, He proposed paradoxically “Bridge of Light” For those who believe it. The reference is obvious Pifrost, The rainbow bridge of Norse mythology connecting the earth with Ascord. On the issue, he intervened Cory Barlock, The war directors responded inconsistently, saying they had never heard of any bright bridge.

Another thing the video game editor may not have heard of in advance was the state of play on February 25th. Barlock shared the announcement on Twitter: “I know nothing about this. Seriously, I never heard of it until I saw this tweet, But I can’t wait See what new ones Sony will show. Fingers crossed for a playable half-life 3 demo!“There’s a potential presence behind the game director’s paradox God of War2 On the show? To find out, you have to wait a few hours: we remind you of it Everyone will follow Twitch State of Play directly.

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