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Fly together! (Nintendo Switch) - Lay test

Fly together! (Nintendo Switch) – Lay test

Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Fly Together! To our switches. Today our flight time will be a few hours. Nice weather along the way with some turbulence expected in the approach. Upon arrival, the weather was mixed with a temperature of 6 to 7 C.

Good morning, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Captain Snikobak. I and this team are delighted to welcome you on this North Play flight. We will attend to your safety and comfort during this flight for our Nintendo Switch.

Take me to the moon:

Dance from Copenhagen-based Northplay Studios is back after asking us to take the train ride in the form of a small puzzle-game. But tired of over-guided locomotive-based missions, they provide us with Fly Together today! A game that uses the same principle but with an extra level of freedom. Our planes do not have to follow any rails, it is ours to devise a coherent flight plan.

No timely display here. We come straight to the heart of the matter. Three control modes are immediately available to us: Classic, Motion Gaming or Touch. Fly together, not wanting to spoil the surprise! This is a mobile game Fly This port, so the controls that are easy are necessarily in touch. But touch is good for a player.

But many studios offer ports without souls, especially without considering the uniqueness of our switches, making the necessary efforts to refresh the experience by incorporating multiple elements of Northplay. All of these additions revolve around one point: the number of players.

Because creating airplane plans and changing them while flying is your own fun, but with many, up to 8 players in a single game, how do you put it? Well it’s a mess. Very simply. As the screen becomes chaotic, a climax rises with anticipation or rage with pleasure. The dynamics of the game need to be further clarified.

Whether in cooperative mode or combat mode, the goal is always the same: Send your plane from Airport Base to Airport B to push the crowd of tourists eager to relax, and then start again with the next batch. But this trip was not made under direct control. This is a flight plan, which we draw on the screen, and the aircraft will follow exactly what needs to be carried out for each flight.

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Is there a pilot on the plane:

That’s where the problems start. Silent drawing of curved lines by hand on the tablet is no problem, and the levels combine very easily in single player mode. But once in the game, this touch mode does not work and it comes back to the controller. And the choice to paint with a stick or move your joy-cone is made quickly. Stick handling is not bad, but the precision required at high levels does not apply quickly to this control system.

So Fly Together is a solo game played by gently waving your Joy-Con in front of the screen. This way, the screen is much easier to draw. However it is a shame not to be able to measure the sensitivity of the movements. These require very small gestures to prevent our planes from following strange paths. If it is a small screen, it is not really obvious, playing on a diagonal screen larger than 100 cm certainly brings more reading to the action, but also requires more skill, make the game more accessible to children who have made it possible for a system option to solve this problem, to learn to handle such sentence motion gaming in current affairs There will be no patience.

At this critical juncture in terms of meetings, it is not possible for us to test Fly Together! That’s up to 4 players. In the cooperation mode, we perform the same tasks as in the individual mode, but there is a difference in the goal to be achieved. Opening up to the next level is very difficult for many to achieve. The main reason for this is the loss of accuracy and the difficulty in correlating the flight plans provided by these handsome men.

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Alone, it is easy to manage a fleet of up to 8 aircraft, free to do as everyone in the multiplayer fits, and then you need good adaptation or patience to land your plane at the appropriate airport. In fact, as soon as an extra plane is shown, the problem starts as the number of ships brings in more numbers than the number of soldiers. If managing your own aircraft is already difficult, adding an aircraft that everyone can control will quickly lose pedals along with the large size of the Portnovaque. “But where is my plane?” It is not uncommon to hear that. “, Followed very quickly” Who took my plane !!! The rest depends on the level of relationship between the different participants.

714 flight to Sydney

Mode games are the best in battles. At this point, each player can no longer steal from them because he has his own plane. The goal has always been the same: to draw a flight plan to take our passengers from point A to point B. But this time special boxes appear and inevitably create items that provoke discussions. Like Mario Kart, these items also allow us to change our state, such as our speed, or slowly annoy our opponents, for example by happily throwing a big exploding cake.

Always up to 8 people can play, the combat mode will be a lot of fun at the end. No need to try to integrate. Passenger safety is a distant memory. It’s a shame not to be able to build teams. Dora Dora The rule of every human being is prevented from implementing a more developed strategy based on shouts like Dora Dora. However, if he avoids weather disasters and air traffic, the player who takes the most passengers to port will win the game.

On the technical side, Northplay’s developers offer a graphically similar experience to the classics and essentials. Over-cooked Or Moving out, Which is beautiful, colorful and very diverse. The landscape and climate risks that await us every time the islands available vary. There will be something for everyone from desert sandstorms to tropical island wind currents, you just have to constantly adjust.

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Available aircraft are also plentiful, with its 40 non-opening models ranging from small bipolar to fighter jet. It is always possible to find your aesthetic happiness. But be careful, we should not ignore the characteristics of each device. Depending on the passenger, faster flights can better achieve goals, while for others, loading time and number of passengers can make a difference.

We feel that the developers have tried to differentiate the situation and provide a challenge that is constantly updated. However, only in the last ten stages should the topic squeeze your brain. After exiting the proposed situation it is necessary to properly investigate the situation and send our aircraft in a timely manner, taking into account all the factors previously mentioned.

Small extra loose details, bonuses in the form of luggage will pop up at approximate levels, achieving them with an airplane means getting a late game prize in the form of an airplane map or coins. It is necessary to pay close attention not to miss them to the extent that they appear in a random way. But since it is entirely in French, all of these dynamics are easy to understand and set up. Finally, the music composed by Michael James is very random, sometimes soothing, sometimes lift music. It never matches the game mode and only has to check the sound box.

Special thanks: The tester wanted to thank the developers in Northplay for putting together a color-based game that is most suitable for people of color blindness. In fact, the option to change the colors to suit this disability does the job right and allows everyone to play in the best conditions.