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Ubisoft gives the classic trick of Ghost Recon

Ubisoft gives the classic trick of Ghost Recon

As part of the promotion for the new “Ghost Recon” called “Frontline”, Ubisoft is introducing it.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the tactical shooting series “Ghost Recon”, publisher Ubisoft has announced a new free 2 playoffshoot called “Ghost Recon Frontline”. 100 players on a map have to compete with each other for now. As part of the promotion for the new game, Ubisoft has been offering the first game since 2001. Interested players can defend the Tactical Classic at 7:00 pm on October 11 and keep it forever. The graphics and gameplay are likely to disappoint some fans, after all, the game has been around for 20 years. Nonetheless, the classic should evoke pleasant feelings of nostalgia in some players. After all, the tactical player has honestly earned 80 percent of its average rating. Even now the systems and stubborn games that seem to be muddy change a little.

At the same time as the prize campaign, Ubisoft offers many DLCs for free for follow-up games. However, those interested should note that they already have the respective core game or must purchase it. In particular, Ubisoft is currently downloading “Fallen Ghosts” and “Deep State Adventure” for free for “Ghost Recon Wildlands” and “Ghost Recon: Break Point”. Ubisoft affiliate account is required for free download. It allows you to download and install content from the official website. The “Fallen Ghosts” extension is provided free of charge for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and Epic Games Store. Also, “Deep State Adventure” in the game “Ghost Recon: Break Point” can be downloaded directly for free. To do this, select only the “Extensions” tab. The free download can be found there.

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Download “Ghost Recon” for free from Ubisoft

Fallen monsters for Ghost Recon Wildland can be downloaded for free