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72p Horizon Zero Dawn on PC! No, this is not a spell

72p Horizon Zero Dawn on PC! No, this is not a spell

We have now reached the ninth generation video games, and for a few months the lucky ones have been getting their hands on consoles and its new generation titles. Since the advent of the video game, each new decade has always brought with it many technological advances capable of making games more complete and real. In these we find Harrison Zero Dawn, One of the exclusives PS4 It was highly appreciated by the audience and critics who could play even on a certain type of resolution on the computer.

The headline of the news reflects the truth, managed by someone on the web Play Horizon Zero Dawn for 72p’s “Beauty”, Not 720p, no spelling. Noting this particular interest to us, user St1ka released the GIF on his Twitter account, in which the open world of gorilla games is no less pixelated thanks to the 256 கொ 144 resolution.

As the boy pointed out, I 72p is fully supported From the basic topic, no mod or add-ons are required to test this unique gaming experience. According to the testimony of this user, to set the resolution to 72p on the computer, open the Horizon Zero Tone Graphic Settings menu and go to Resolution 256 × 144 and select voil தேர்வு, that’s all.

72p is the minimum resolution that Horizon Zero Dawn offers to PC gamers, and those in guerrilla games have long since given up that opportunity. We challenge you to direct the whole topic in this resolution, but it is certainly interesting to try to do some experiments to understand how the alloy world is viewed from a concrete perspective. What do you think about this invention? Are you trying to run this fantastic topic in such a resolution? Let us know with a comment.

Waiting for the much-anticipated second episode, you can buy Horizon Zero Dawn in its full version on Amazon This address.

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