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Miranda's butt is low in the center of the camera at the remaster •

Miranda’s butt is low in the center of the camera at the remaster •

  • Miranda’s butt focus is less on the remake of Mass Effect 2
  • There are not only subtle changes in the camera perspective
  • The remaster will be released in May 2021

The upcoming Legendary Edition of Mass Effect trilogy by Beverly is making a lot of visual changes, especially in the first part. Things that immediately catch your eye.

Other things are more subtle and may go unnoticed at first glance. This applies to two specific camera positions in Mass Effect 2, for example the Miranda Lawson base is very important.

Here are some changes as project director Mac Walters speaks Metro Explained.

“I think so [den Originalspielen] “A lot of things have evolved,” he says. “I do not know if I’m going to say we’d care about that or anything, but there was a reaction. Kevin [Meek, Environment and Character Director] Criticized some camera cuts … Why focus on Miranda’s bum? So on some occasions we said, ‘Well, we can make a change here’. “

There are also changes to some other camera angles, where you can see that they are primarily designed with the male version of the Shepherd in mind. For example, if Sheppard wears casual attire from Kasumi DLC as a woman, it can sometimes seem weird.

“In the male Shepherd’s animation, he sits with legs wide apart and the camera low, which makes it a little inappropriate if you wear a skirt,” Walters says. “So we can’t change this animation, but we can raise the camera a little bit to reduce the problem.”

Miranda is defined by her appearance because she was genetically modified by her father, which is part of her personal history. But there is basically no need for such camera systems to clarify it.

However, you should get the legendary version Not surprising, but a nice upgrade Expect. In the comprehensive package Coincidentally, a DLC is missing. Here are some scenes from the trailer for the Legendary Edition, with the respective scenes from the original juxtaposed There were.

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