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ou telecharger gratuit manga legal

5 sites to download manga legally

If you want to read manga digitally and for free, here is a selection of 5 sites where you can view free content.

The purpose of this selection is to find free manga and legally, without respect for copyright and theft.

These digital books can be read on a computer, e-reader, smartphone or tablet. Some are free to download for streaming. There is a choice, manga in French but in other languages, get yourself involved!

Shuisha’s Manga Plus

Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academy and many more are waiting for you. The site or app offers manga in French but also in English and Japanese. Know that you do not have access to all the series, but there is a lot to do! Here it is


A site dedicated to comics, comics and manga created by Amazon, allows you to read some manga for free and legally.
You have the option to read iOS, Android, Kindle etc. through the application or website. Here it is

Comic Walker

This site allows you to read for free, but only in Japanese, English or Chinese. Here it is


Manga enthusiasts often prefer webtoons as well. Besides, fans of Manhwa (Color Manga) are mostly webtoons.
On this platform, website or app, you will find fantastic content for free and unlimited reading. Additionally, you can become an author by submitting your own stories! Here it is

He brought it out

The pioneer of digital comic reading in France, the manga and simultrod provide the complete section to read the manga filled or for free, comics chapter wise. Here it is

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Fnac (Here it is) And Amazon (Here it is) Also offers a large selection of free ebooks.
If you want to read books other than manga, find out Choose from our free and of course legal audiobooks and ebooks! Here it is
We are pleased to show you 2 photos taken in Japan by the editorial staff. Incredible Japanese bookstore selling only manga!

Respect the copyright of the photos;)

Or download the free manga frame

Pirate manga